MTAPN Legislative News

June 2015
Dear fellow Advanced Practice Registered Nurses,

As you may know, we are working on Full Practice Authority (FPA) for APRNs in Tennessee. We live and practice in one of the most restrictive states regarding practice. Please take time to educate yourself as to what FPA is and how it impacts you and your practice. Excellent resources can be found on the Tennessee Nurses Association (TNA) website (link below). We had a bill in the last session of the TN legislature that was delayed for several reasons. We did not have the votes to pass it and we encountered resistance from the Tennessee Medical Association who also had a bill that would make APRN’s subject to oversight by the Tennessee Medical Association rather than the Board of Nursing.

What can we do now that the Tennessee Legislature is adjourned? The only way this will pass when it is considered in the next session is if we are proactive and take this time to contact and educate our legislators. A powerful tool is to invite your legislators to visit your clinic (where it is feasible and your supervisor is agreeable). They can see first hand what is involved in providing excellent care for their constituents and to educate them on what an APRN is and does! This is an opportunity for NPs, CNMs, and CRNAs to unite and demonstrate our skills, compassion, professionalism and medical expertise. We can be the answer to many of the current healthcare crises in Tennessee. The AARP, The Veterans Administration, and other large groups support FPA and we have the opportunity to cause a grassroots groundswell NOW while our legislators are not in session and may have more time to dialog with us and visit our places of employment. Please take a few minutes to browse the following links then contact your legislators (and if you practice in a different area than you live - contact legislators in both areas!) to open a dialog and to build relationships.

Thanks for your part in working toward FPA and your willingness to educate yourself and others! Encourage your patients to contact their legislators as well - to let them know how much they appreciate your work!

Trish Mansfield, FNP-C, MSN, RN
Legislative Chair, MTAPN
The TNA website has great info regarding FPA as well as many other issues relating to practice. Go to the Government Affairs tab and look at FPA talking points and links. is a great resource on many topics - more accessible if you are an AANP member